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Debut Single
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In Aid of Heart Children Ireland
A haunting tribute to her son Ben who passed away from a rare heart condition

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Dawn Is An Irish Artist

She hails from Mayo and has lived in
Donegal for several years.

She's mum to five children all ranging from twenty-three to under two years of age. In between raising her children,  she has always had a passion for giving, creating and inspiring others to reach their full potential.

She has just recently started giving time to her first childhood love, music!

Her distinctive sound is capturing hearts far and wide. 

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Dawn Joins Greg On Highland Radio

0ctober 15th marked Baby Loss Week. Dawn speaks to Greg to discuss the loss of her child Ben & performs a Mary Black song Wonderchild. 

Listeners have described Dawn as having

The Voice Of An Angel

In Summer 2019, Dawn launched her music career and is steadily catching the attention of those with a keen ear for attention to detail. Her angelic vocals make her sound easy listening and therapeutic. She has worked extensively with bereaved people for over a decade and future envisions serving others, as they heal from the loss of a loved one. 

Wonderchild is AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL Dawn! It's so moving and a heartfelt tribute from a devoted Mother.
Every word is crystal clear and I love the accompaniment. 

Veronica McCarron

Lastest single Wonderchild is amazing!  A totally different sound and so easy to listen to. Can't wait for the next one.

Emma Brown